Let’s Ensemble!

Playing in an ‘ukulele ensemble is a delightfully different musical experience. Rather than simply strumming in a song circle or playing solo chord/melodies, in a “ukestra” each individual contributes an important part of the whole piece. The end result is often astounding. Surprisingly, ensemble playing can also be very accessible for players of all abilities.Continue reading “Let’s Ensemble!”

Calling all Pirates & Parrot Heads

As many of you know, Del Rey is unable to join us at the West Coast ‘Ukulele Reunion this year. But in her place we have someone Del has worked closely with for years, Jim D’Ville. And, among many other things, Jim brings our theme for this year: a tribute to the late Jimmy Buffet.Continue reading “Calling all Pirates & Parrot Heads”

Everybody Loves a Clown!

Gary Peare will be joining us again at the West Coast Ukulele Retreat in Cambria, November 1 – 5, as both instructor and M.C. extraordinaire. And he’ll be bringing along a whole new bag of tricks to share with us. In addition to an updated reprise of his popular “double song” workshop, featuring tunes thatContinue reading “Everybody Loves a Clown!”