Calling all Pirates & Parrot Heads

As many of you know, Del Rey is unable to join us at the West Coast ‘Ukulele Reunion this year. But in her place we have someone Del has worked closely with for years, Jim D’Ville. And, among many other things, Jim brings our theme for this year: a tribute to the late Jimmy Buffet. (“Margarita D’Ville”…what a happy accident!)

For those who haven’t been to the West Coast ‘Ukulele Retreat in the past, our varied “theme” nights are often one of the most memorable aspects of the event. (Who can ever forget when the “Blues Brothers” (Phil Doleman and Craig McClelland) showed up at Bob’s Country Bunker during Country and Western Night at Asilomar? Or when Sonny rose from the dead and joined Cher on the stage during the Summer of Love?) Margarita d’Ville is promising to be every bit as entertaining as those previous fun-filled nights…and something you won’t want to miss.

The Ukulele Blues Brothers

Jim D’Ville

It has long been Jim’s mission to get ‘ukulele players off the paper and to play music by ear. Indeed, he has taught his “Play Ukulele By Ear” workshops to thousands of people in the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom and has performed (and taught) at major ukulele events around the world, including the Ukulele Festival of Scotland, Kerrville Folk Festival, the NAMM Show, Melbourne (Australia) Ukulele Festival, West Coast Ukulele Retreat, and many others.

Jim is the author of the “Play Ukulele By Ear” DVD series and hosts the popular Play Ukulele By Ear website and his Patreon site: Pop Up Uke. He is also a contributing editor to Ukulele Magazine.”  

Jim’s Play Ukulele By Ear workshops are a high-energy roller coaster of learning and laughs. He is one of a kind. Buckle up!

James Hill

Jim D’Ville is a bundle of passion, energy, talent, and knowledge, and is a long-standing and respected member of the ‘ukulele community. We are pleased and honored that he has agreed to join us again after a long…too long…hiatus. Along with unbridled energy, creativity, and enthusiasm, here are the workshops Jim will be bringing to the West Coast ‘Ukulele Reunion next month:

  • Picking Ukulele By Ear
  • The Emotional Value of Chords
  • Chord Progressions and the Circle of Fifths
  • Hank & Buck by Ear
  • Fab Four 1962 – 64

We still have room!

We’re working on the schedule right now and it is looking amazing, with lots of opportunities for players of all abilities and access to instructors.  And, the registration fee goes up on October 5. So, if you’re still just thinking about joining us, this would be a great time to take the leap.

The Bluebird Inn has space available for those who would prefer to stay offsite.  There is still space for a couple of RV’s at the Camp. And, there are still a few beds available in the charming cabins for women. (We’re limiting the number of people per cabin to 5.)

To learn more specifics about the retreat, please visit the website. And if you haven’t already, please “subscribe” in order to get the latest news about the retreat as we post it.  Coming up: workshops, descriptions, and schedules! Registration is being handled by Camp Ocean Pines, so the button below will take you directly to their website.

Now, if I could just find that lost shaker of salt!