‘Ukulele Reunion – The Lost Weekend

October 28 – 30, 2022 Camp Ocean Pines, Cambria

Many people didn’t want to wait until May for the next West Coast ‘Ukulele Retreat at Camp Ocean Pines, so we decided to throw in “The Lost Weekend” before 2022 fades into oblivion. It will also be an ‘ukulele reunion of sorts, an opportunity for participants from past events to reunite and make music together again. But more importantly, we hope the informal format and wide variety of workshops will encourage new players and new friends to join us.

So please, join us October 28 – 30 for three days of “the most fun you can have with your ‘ukulele on.”

Back by Popular Demand

And, because no ‘ukulele reunion would be complete without some of our most popular instructors, Dave Egan, Gary Peare, and Nancy Piver will be returning. Rhan Wilson and Rick Zeek will also be joining us with their ever-popular ‘Ukulele Gospel Hour on Sunday. If registration warrants it, we’ll be adding a few more instructors to our ‘ukulele reunion, as well.

Registration is Now Open

You will register for accommodations, meals, and workshop tickets for the ‘Ukulele Reunion directly with Camp Ocean Pines. (Six workshop tickets are included with each registration.) You don’t have to stay at the Camp to join us, but if you don’t, you just might miss out on some of the fun.

Housing Choices

Camp Ocean Pines offers a variety of accommodation options, including:

  • Staying in one of the Camp’s spiffy cabins. (We anticipate no more than 3 people per cabin.)
  • Bringing your own tent or motorhome to sleep in.* (Nothing over 35 feet, please.)
  • Or staying off campus. (Lot’s of options nearby in Cambria.)

Your registration fee also includes includes dinner on Friday night; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday; and breakfast on Sunday. (If you are staying off campus, breakfast is not included.)

Registration fees are $384/person if you are staying at the camp and $325/person if you are staying off campus.

*Camping was such a popular option last year that we will have more spots available for campers than we have in the past. But we still expect those spots to go soon. So be sure to register as soon as possible if you plan on bringing your own rig. Please email Maddy Cline at Camp Ocean Pines to make sure there is space available: maddy@campoceanpines.org)

Multiple Workshop Sessions Each Day

Each person who registers for the ‘ukulele reunion will receive six workshop tickets. (Additional workshop tickets can be purchased either online or at the camp.) Tickets are only transferable among people who have registered for the ukulele reunion.

The ukulele reunion will have three workshop periods scheduled for Friday afternoon, five scheduled for Saturday, and two for Sunday morning. Each workshop period will have 1 – 3 different workshops offered at the same time, each geared toward players of different skill levels. (More to come on that.)

Check out the workshops here!

We will deliberately be leaving a few gaps in the schedule for the ‘ukulele reunion to make sure everyone has an opportunity to practice what they have learned and has time to get together and make music. There will be an All Camp Jam on Friday night, and we encourage you to bring a tune or two to share. And we’ll have a Halloween Party (“Uke-Spooktacular) on Saturday night. We will be awarding raffle tickets for the best costumes and double tickets for performing a song for us in costume!

Our main goal for the weekend is to have fun in a spectacular setting and to improve our ukulele skills at the same time. And while the ‘Ukulele Reunion is meant to be just that–an opportunity for attendees from past events to reunite and make music together, we warmly welcome newcomers and new players to join us. Wonderful friendships have been made at these events.

Workshops and Schedule

The whopping list of workshop offerings is now available, and we will be posting the schedule soon. In the meantime, you should register as soon as possible to make sure you get first dibs at the various accommodations.

That’s it for now! It’s not too early to start planning your Halloween costume and practicing your song!

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