How to Make a Perfect Cuban Mojito

Learning how to make the perfect Cuban Mojito is just one example of some of the fun we had with Cuban Ukulele Rhythms last year. We also learned how to make authentic Cuban black beans (simply the best) and helped make our delicious lunch in the tiny kitchen at Cafe Ajiaco. (And this was after a visit to the captivating organic farm down the street that provided most of the fresh produce we ate!)

This is Cuba!

We had so much fun, in fact, that, we are going to do it all again.

Join us in 2023!

The tentative dates for 2023 are March 13 – 22, give or take a day or two. And if there is enough interest, we may be able to add another tour after this one. And though we are still in the planning stages, because enrollment in Cuban Ukulele Rhythms is extremely limited, we wanted to give you a heads up now.

Authentic, Up Close, and Personal

This is our “ride”—a 1948 Dodge limo, affectionately known as ‘Mimi.” And this is one of the reasons we restrict enrollment to just 6 people. Plus, the access we have as a small group simply can’t be beaten.

The itinerary for 2023 will be very similar to our 2022 itinerary with the addition of a few things we wish we’d had more time for last year. And while we won’t have the actual cost until we have finalized the itinerary, we can tell you that last year’s trip was $3,599. (Single supplements are available for an additional $300.)

Secure your Spot Now

Because enrollment for our Cuban ‘Ukulele Rhythms adventure is so limited, you should secure your place now. To do so you will need to send a non-refundable* deposit in the amount of $100 (USD) to:

Ukulele Adventures, 1113 Chiles Avenue, St. Helena, CA 94574

You can also pay by Venmo. (Please contact me for more information.)

*If, for some reason, we decide not to run this trip before the first payment is due, or if we can’t fit you in, we will refund your deposit 100%.

And Now…The Perfect Cuban Mojito

Whether or not you can join us next year, you can still learn how to make the perfect Cuban mojito by following the 10 easy steps below.

Step 1

Assemble your ingredients and the necessary tools:

  • a tall glass
  • a sturdy, flat-ended muddler
  • a small measuring receptacle
  • a teaspoon with a long handle for stirring
  • freshly squeezed lime juice
  • sprigs of fresh mint, 4 – 5 inches long, complete with stems
  • Havana Club Golden Rum
  • honey
  • ice cubes
  • sparkling water
  • fancy (and reusable) plastic swizzle sticks
Step 2

Carefully measure an approximate amount of honey from a recycled bottle of hooch into your small measuring device, then pour it into the tall glass. There should be at least 1/4” of honey in the bottom of the tall glass. (You can also pour it directly into the glass.)

Step 3

Squirt 1/4” to 1/2” of lime juice from a re-purposed mustard container* into the tall glass, on top of the honey. Don’t be confused. In Cuba they may call it zumo de limón—lemon juice—but it is lime juice.

*A re-purposed ketchup container will work just as well.

Step 4

Add several sprigs of mint.

NOTE: For a true Cuban Mojito you only use the mint that has the red/purple stems. (The organic gardener down the road was very adamant about this!)

ALSO NOTE: Most of the leaves have been stripped from bottom of the 5” to 6” stem, leaving just a healthy flourish of fragrant, flouncy mint leaves at the top.

Step 5

Muddle the stems of the mint (and only the stems) with a little wooden baseball bat. (You know how the Cubans love baseball!) The leaves should still be nice and fluffy and leaf-like when you are done.

Step 6

Add the Havana Club Especial golden rum…at your own discretion. (Some people had more discretion than others!) Make sure you do this with an experienced flourish…but don’t spill a drop.

Steps 7 & 8

Add some chunks of ice, but make sure you leave some room in the glass for the sparkling water.

Fill the glass to the top with sparkling water.

Step 9

Stir with the long metal teaspoon and gently coax any submerged mint leaves to the top of the glass then fluff them up a bit.

But don’t drink it yet!

Steps 10

Choose your fancy (reusable) swizzle stick and you’re almost ready to enjoy. But first…

Arriba! Abajo! Al Centro! Al Dentro!

The only thing that might be better, is to enjoy your Perfect Cuban Mojito at the roof-top bar of your casa particular in Old Havana, along with a big, fat, hand-rolled Cuban cigar!

Hope you can join us!

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