Day Passes! Workshops! Schedules!

We’re all super busy making sure the 2023 West Coast ‘Ukulele Reunion is the best one yet. The Workshops have been posted and the Schedules have been “finalized,” but as always, subject to change. And we are adding a Sunday Day Pass for folks who live in the area but can’t commit to the whole shebang.

Sunday Day Pass

We know some of you can’t commit to a full weekend, so we’ve opened up a day, Sunday, so you won’t have to miss the fun. Among other things, it includes the ever-popular Matthew, Mark, UKE, & John Ukulele Gospel Hour with Rick and Rhan–complete with choir robes you may get to take home!

One of the workshops: Matthew, Mark, UKE & John
The Ukulele Gospel Choir feeling the rapture at the West Coast Ukulele Reunion.

The indomitable Nancy Piver has also come up with an ensemble arrangement for the timeless classic “Glow Worm,” one that can be mastered in just one workshop session. It’s perfect for folks who are just coming for the day…especially if they’re staying through dinner and for the evening show, where it will be one of the featured acts. Of course it’s open to everyone else, as well.

More Sunday Workshops

Some of the other workshops that will be available on Sunday include:

  • Time is On Your Side with Dave Egan
  • Chord Progressions & The Circle of Fifths with Jim D’Ville
  • Parodies Rule with Elaine de Man
  • Office Hours with Rhan Wison
  • Crazy G! with Gary Peare
  • Rhythm & Strumming with Rhan Wilson
  • Picking ‘Ukulele by Ear with Jim D’Ville
  • You Can Duet with Gary Peare
  • Glissando Basics and Beyond with Gary Peare
  • Soloing with Chord Shapes with Dave Egan
  • The Fab Four with Jim D’Ville

Click here for workshop descriptions.

Options and Cost

You can opt to end your day at the West Coast Ukulele Reunion then. OR you can stay for dinner and join us for the Open Mic and Battle of the ‘Ukulele Bands. It’s the Most Fun You Can Have with Your ‘Ukulele On!

The Sunday Day Pass is $175. If you want to stay for dinner and the evening show, the total cost is $225.

Register Now

Register Now! We only have a few spots available.

Note: Registration is being handled by Camp Ocean Pines. If you have never used the Camp Ocean Pines site before, you will need to click on “new registration.” If you attended the Ukulele Reunion last year, click on “returning registration.”  From there, click on individual registration for (your name). A list with all of Camp Ocean Pines Workshops will appear, listed chronologically…scroll down to Ukulele Reunion 2023 and click on that. The rest should be self-explanatory.

Hope to see you there!