‘Ukulele Option

Not everyone who joins our Uke, Bike, & Barge Adventures wants to learn to play the ‘ukulele (gasp!) and/or improve their skills. So we are going to try something different here and offer the ‘ukulele program as an option, instead. Everyone onboard will still enjoy the overall merriment, but those who opt for the option will have access to both private and group lessons. . . . .some that begin before you even leave home.

Meet our ‘ukulele facilitators

Gary Peare, editor of the influential blog Ukulelia.com and a graduate of the James Hill ‘Ukulele Initiative (JHUI) will be the ‘ukulele facilitator on Trip 2. A respected Bay Area instructor (and former clown with Ringling Brothers), Gary was also tapped by James Hill to teach at James’ Vancouver B.C. program. One of his specialties is song arranging, s if there’s a tune you are particularly fond of, Gary will create a special arrangement of it for inclusion in the Songbook, which everyone signing up for the ukulele option will receive.

Dave Egan, whom many of you already know through many (if not all) of our ‘ukulele adventures, will also be joining us as our ukulele facilitator on Trip 1. His unique skill set and penchant for teaching will help round out the ‘ukulele experience for players of all skill levels. Dave brings with him loads of tips to get you on track, both musically and ergonomically, along with unique song arrangements…often in the key of Eb! (And he can tell you why.)

What’s included

The ‘Ukulele Option will include the Song and Lesson Book, created by our ‘ukulele pros especially for our trip through Provence. It will also include at least 3 pre-trip, group Zoom lessons so we can all get familiar with some of the tunes in the Songbook and learn a few new techniques at the same time.  Those who register for the ‘Ukulele Option will also be able to schedule a private lesson with either of our instructors while onboard.

There will be more ‘ukulele and musical opportunities to engage in as we go along. (Who can forget that magical night singing and playing in an Irish pub in the tiny Italian village of Zelle on our way to Venice? Or the impromptu concert Dave and Ralph Shaw gave us in the very same music hall where Mozart gave his first concert?) Among other things, on this trip I can see us all playing and singing “Starry Starry Night” when we visit Arles, the town where Vincent Van Gogh created some of his most memorable works.

The fun never ends.

The cost of the ‘ukulele option is $200/person, and you will be able to add this when you register for the trip.