FAQ – Burgundy

I’m not interested in biking. Is it possible to walk or visit cities instead?

We have had people join us on other Uke, Bike, & Barge Adventures who do not bike and have had a lovely time.  Looking at the itinerary for Burgundy, it seems you would have opportunities to visit and/or spend more time in Auxerre, Joigny, Villeneuve, Sens, Montereau, and Moret-sur-Loring. How much time you would have in each city or village will depend on the barge’s schedule. 

Is it possible to bring our own bikes?

Unfortunately, you are not able to bring your own bikes on this cruise because of limited space available onboard.

How many passengers does the barge allow?

The Zwaantje has room for 24 passengers. However, by offering a couple of cabins as singles, we are limiting the number of passengers to 22.

Are you able to accommodate a plant-based eater? I.e. vegan, no dairy or meat.

While we have been able to accommodate vegan diets on other cruises, the Zwaantje is not able to do so.

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Please contact us. Be sure to let us know which trip you are interested in.

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