We need a little help from you!

The ball hasn’t even dropped on 2017, but we  are already looking ahead to see what kind of ‘ukulele mischief we can get into in 2019, primarily our next ‘Ukein’, Bike, & Barge Adventure.

With the exception of a shared cabin available for a man, our September, 2018 trip in France, from Montargis to Paris, is full.  However, there has been so much interest in it that we are planning to do another one to a different destination in 2019.

Belgium? Holland? Italy?

Spring? Fall?

There are lots of choices, which is why we need some help from you.

If you are at all interested in joining us on one of these Ukein, Bike & Barge adventures, please  take a moment to fill out the 2019 Ukein’, Bike, & Barge Survey.  This not only helps us create a trip that will work for you, it will put you on the list of folks who hear about it first. (That’s why our 2018 trip sold out before we even announced it to the public.) It just takes a moment, and there is no obligation.

If you’d like to share a cabin with another gentleman (and I can attest to his character!) on our 2018 trip from Montargis to Paris, please let us know and we will get you the necessary information.