La Semana de Uke-Culinary Fiesta


January 24 – 30, 2016

We had such a great time at our first Uke-Culinary Fiesta in 2015, that we’re doing it again!

What is an “Uke-Culinary Fiesta?”  It’s ‘ukulele workshops, jamming, performing and general mayhem, along with fabulous food and cooking workshops, walking and hiking, exploring the area, and just plain fun….all in the lovely lakeside town of Ajijic, on the shores of Lake Chapala, just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico, where, among other things, photographic opportunities abound.

Heidi and DanielFirst and foremost we host ukulele workshops for players of all levels of skill all week long, taught by Heidi Swedberg, and Daniel Ward.  These two characters also happen to be fabulous and enthusiastic cooks. So, when they aren’t teaching ‘ukulele, they will also be teaching us how to prepare (and enjoy) some mighty fine Mexican cuisine (and beverage selections), sourced from fresh, local ingredients. They are the perfect balance of talent, experience, hard work, and good times!

Death ValleyAnd for those who don’t want all that fabulous food to go to their hips,  Elaine de Man will take those who are willing and able on brisk walks along the malecon or hikes up the side of the nearby mountain. (Don’t worry, we have a daily siesta on the schedule, as well.) We’ll also take some time off to visit some local hot spots, including the weekly Ajijic tianguis, the nearby thermal spa, and a variety of local cantinas.

Kids Rehearsing

Kids 2But most importantly, we will continue our support of Academia de Ukuleles de la Ribera, a thriving music program for the children of Ajijic that we helped launch last year with the donation of twelve Ohana ukuleles.  From that humble beginning, the local  Club Ukulele de Laguna has continued to grow and sustain the program that now has 38 young ukulele students who meet twice a week for professional instruction! (And they’re getting pretty darn good!)

And we’ll be spending even more lovely ‘ukulele time with the members of Club Ukulele Laguna (the CUL Kids), certainly the fastest growing and most enthusiastic ukulele club in all of Mexico.  They’ll be joining us for workshops, fiestas, hikes, string-alongs, trips to the market, and band night!

And we pack all that into a busy, fun-filled week south of the border, with some of the happiest people on the planet: people like you who play the ‘ukulele.

Just take a peek at all the fun we had last year:

If you’re ready to register, just click on the link below:

La Semana de Uke-Culinary Fiesta

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