Kernville Ukulele Blues & Harp Fest

March 7 – 10, 2019

We all had such a great time and learned so much at our first Ukulele Blues and Harp Fest this March, that we’re doing it again!  Same guys. Same place. Why change it? The combo can’t be beat!

Coming all the way from Austin, Texas, ‘ukulele maestro Kevin Carroll will again be bringing some ‘Uke-licious Blues instruction and ensemble opportunities, with loads of learning experiences for all levels of ‘ukulele play during two full days of instruction and music making, and three evenings of unfettered ‘ukulele merriment at the inaugural Ukulele Blues and Harp Fest in beautiful downtown Kernville. Time and again, Keven has proven himself to be one the best and most generous ukulele instructors around today, and a very fine musician.

At the very same time, Sebastopol’s own Catfish Jack Chauvin, a harmonica player (and instructor) of “the highest order” will be enhancing  our blues experience with a little “harp” instruction for those hoping to expand their instrumental repertoire without breaking the bank…or the overhead compartment on the plane the next time you travel to music camp. Last year was our first opportunity to work with Catfish and everyone agreed that his teaching style gave those who chose to venture into the world of harmonica a safe place to try and make a sound like a train! “Tweet! Tweet!

You’ll have ample opportunity to learn and practice with both Kevin and Catfish Jack over the course of the weekend and hone your chops on both instruments and with each other.  (Our small group jam sessions solidified the day’s lessons, created a wonderful sense of camaraderie among all participants, and gave us all a safety net.) Those so inspired can take advantage of the opportunity to pull it all together for a little community concert at “The Cone” on Saturday night. Or you can get yourself wrapped up in the blues from the vantage of a seat in the audience and enjoy a show you won’t soon forget.

And there is absolutely no better place for this all to take place than Piazza’s quaint and lovely Pine Cone Inn, in the heart of Kernville (about an hour’s drive east of Bakersfield), where we will all eat, sleep, learn, and play, from Thursday night through Sunday morning. Home to the Kernville Ukulele Club, Josh and Roberta Gordon have turned the Pine Cone into  a little haven for ukulele players along the banks of the mighty Kern River. As an added plus, Josh is available to skillfully “bring up the bottom” for anyone who needs an assist. And where else are you welcome to practice your musical skills in the heart of a kitchen where the crew dances to your beat while prepping the next meal?  The Pine Cone is clearly the place to be,  but the soon-to-be-famous Starlite Lounge and Kern River Brewing Company are just a short walk away and open for dinner.

The $439 registration fee includes all ‘ukulele and harmonica instruction offered during the fest and breakfast and lunch at “the Cone” each day. Once you have registered for the festival, you will arrange and pay for your lodging directly with “the Cone” (rooms are $130 – 145/night).  (If the Cone is full, you will be directed to another lodging establishment very close by.)

Space is limited!

All agreed that one of the things that made the Ukulele Blues and Harp Fest so enjoyable was the intimacy and small group size; our plan is to preserve that. And, since everyone who attended our first year vowed to return, we’re quite sure we’ll sell out quickly. So, if you don’t want to miss next year’s fest, be sure to subscribe to (or “follow”) this website, so you can be among the first to know when we open registration. Everyone should get to do this at least once in their lives.

Hoo Doo, Hoo Hoo, Hoo Doo, Hoo Hoo, Hoo Doo, Hoo Hoo……TWEET! TWEET!