Barge Fleur

The Fleur, our lovely home away from home while we explore the back roads of the Seine Valley, from Montargis to Paris by bicycle, was built in 1963 to haul freight through the smaller locks and canals in France. In 2002, she was converted into a floating boutique hotel and now carries passengers, rather than cargo, on the French waterways in comfort and style.

With 10 comfortable cabins on the lower deck, each with two single beds, a private bathroom, a small safe, and a hair dryer, the Fleur can carry up to 20 passengers in addition to the 5-person crew–the perfect size for a somewhat intimate ‘ukulele adventure with friends. Each cabin also has central heating and air conditioning.

On the upper deck the Fleur has a comfy lounge with large windows, sofas, a cozy bar, coffee- and tea-making equipment, and snacks. The half-covered sun deck provides parking for the Fleur’s bicycles and the tables and chairs create a perfect space for an evening sing-along as we watch the sun go down over the French countryside or sip a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and anticipate the day’s adventure. And there’s plenty of space for an ukulele workshop, or two, as well.

The lounge also has free Wi-Fi, though due to the mobile network connection, the quality is not always stable. But that shouldn’t matter.  You are here to get away from the rat race, take a leisurely cruise along the canal, an invigorating bike ride through the French countryside, and play your ukulele each day.

Everything about the Fleur is tailor-made, it seems, for an educational ‘ukulele adventure along the byways of France by bike and the waterways by boat.  I hope you can join us.



  • The 20-seat dining room includes a small honor bar.
  • The water on board, in tap, sink and shower, is potable. Toilets are flushed with river water which then goes to a wastewater holding tank for ecological disposal.
  • Electricity is 240 volts 50 Hz AC, with European-style outlets. Power is provided by generators or a shore connection, depending on the mooring.
  • Wifi Internet is usually available via a mobile connection, which may be slow or occasionally unavailable. Data throughput is limited to 50Mb per person per day, which is sufficient for daily email and some browsing, but not for streaming or for uploading or downloading large files such as photos or music.