Reunion Schedule – 2022

Friday, October 28

Check-in begins at noon and the first workshop session is at 1:30. There are plenty of places overlooking the ocean at Camp Ocean Pines (COP) to sit and enjoy a picnic lunch!

A local favorite (and mine, too) in Cambria is Boni’s Tacos. You can pre-order on-line or by phone, but on Friday you will need to pick it up at their “Kitchen,” in the industrial area of Cambria: 2405 Village Ln, Suite F. (BTW the Al Pastor paired with the salsa verde is simply amazing!)

Friday’s Reunion Schedule has lots of great options for players of all abilities. For a complete description of each workshop, please visit the Reunion Workshops page. Beginners might want to learn the ins and outs of good practice with Rhan Wilson. More advanced players should check out “Beyond the Sea” with Gary Peare and/or “The Great American Songbook” with Dave Egan. And Nancy Piver usually finds a place for players of all abilities in her ensemble classes. Also note that this is Day 1 of the two two-day workshops we’re offering: Rick Zeek’s “Creating a Song Melody” and Nancy’s “Sweet Someone.”

Friday Schedule

After dinner and introductions, we’ll have an All Camp Jam. If you’d like to lead a song and/or share one with the group, please bring about 30 copies to share. Don’t worry if you’ve never led a song before (or led one successfully), you can take Garys “Song Leader Bootcamp” to learn how and practice first. Plus, we’ll have raffle tickets for everyone who brings a tune to share…

And if you’re still up for more…you can retire to the outdoor amphitheater or the Fireside Room and play and jam to your heart’s content. And if you play an instrument other than the ‘ukulele, bring it!

Saturday, October 29

As you can see from the Reunion Schedule, Saturday is packed with a lots of great workshops. But it doesn’t have to be all ‘ukulele, all day long. Rick Zeek is offering two wonderful alternatives for the ‘ukulele weary: “How Can I Keep from Singing?” and part two of “Creating a Song Melody.” And Rhan’s “Music as a Second Language” and Nancy’s “Musical Hierglyphics” will make you a better musician, no matter what instrument you play.

But if it’s ‘ukulele “technique” that’s troubling you, don’t miss Dave Egan’s “Everything for Your Right Hand” and Get Your Left Hand Moving Smoothly” workshops.

Saturday Schedule

And after such a busy day, it will be great to let our hair down and really have some fun at our first, annual, Halloween Party and Open Mic. Never performed at an Open Mic before? This could be the perfect opportunity as nothing quite calms the nerves as much as dressing up as someone or something else for your performance. And we’re all looking forward to seeing the creative juices flow with a costumes that complement your tune. (Stuck? Shoot us an email. we’re full of ideas.)

This is strictly a BYOB event but there will, as always, be raffle tickets for those who bring a theme-related beverage and/or snack to share. (If you’re stuck, Google “Halloween Snacks”) We’re providing the venue; we’re counting on you to help bring the fun.

Carved pumpkins would be another welcome addition to Saturday night’s festivities. Don’t want to carve one yourself? Try this. (But I wouldn’t start it to soon!) I’m pretty sure they won’t come out looking quite like this. But at least they’ll be unique!

Pumpkin carved by wildlife.

Sunday, October 30

Sunday. Ahhh, Sunday. What would Sunday be without Rhan and Rick’s Ukulele Gospel hour…and more. If you have a music stand, by all means bring it. And if you have either one or both of Rick and Rhan’s ‘ukulele gospel books, bring those too. They’ll also have a few extras on hand so you can purchase them on the spot.

Early risers should also be able to find another workshop gem to satisfy their hunger for more on the Reunion Schedule.

Sunday Schedule

And then it will be time to go. If you missed Boni’s Tacos on your way in to town on Friday, you can catch them at their Food Truck, 2253 Main Street, on Sunday. You won’t be disappointed.

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