Only 3 Rooms Left in Santa Fe!

That’s right!  Only three rooms left!

El Paradero only has three rooms left for the New-Uke-Culinary Fiesta in Santa Fe, November 7 – 11, and if we don’t fill them by the end of the month, they’ll be opened up to (gulp!) the non-ukulele-playing market!

Yikes!  We can’t let that happen!

So, if you’re thinking you might like to join Daniel WardHeidi Swedberg, and Craig McClelland, for an amazing long weekend of expert ‘ukulele instruction, great food, and unfettered fun,now is the perfect time to register!

Heidi and Daniel are already busy in the kitchen whipping up a number of southwestern culinary delights to show us how to prepare. . . . .and eat!. (And that’s in addition to the sumptuous breakfasts served at El Paradero. . . . .and afternoon tea!) We’ve also left an evening free so you can explore some of the local eateries that Santa Fe is famous for.

But it’s not all about eating and cooking.  Our busy schedule includes a number of ukulele workshop opportunities each day for players of all abilities, journaling, small jam ensembles, local shows, busking under the water tower, and a traditional flamenco tablao. And we’ll still have plenty of free time to explore Santa Fe and jam with our new friends.

This is a small group adventure with a very high instructor-to-student ratio so you’re sure to have all your ‘ukulele issues addressed.  And,  you will make new ukulele pals….guaranteed!

But, as I said. There are only 3 rooms left!  So, please, register now! We’d hate for you to miss out on this much fun, great company, and delicious (and nutritious)  food!