Registration Now Open for Camp O!

Camp O artAre you ready to join us for some fun, fun, fun in the warm Napa Valley Sun? We have just opened registration for the fabulous Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay, August 3 – 7, 2016 and we do have camp sites available! So, even if you weren’t able to get a camp site when we first announced it, you can get one now!

But first, you need to register for camp.

In order to accommodate as many people as possible, we are offering a number of options: Full Camp, Weekend Camp, or Day Camp; Individual, Family, or Youth Registration. So please bear with us while we explain what all that means.

FULL CAMP (Wednesday – Sunday, August 3 – 7) 

This includes 4 (or more) workshops a day for each paid participant, taught by our professional staff, on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday and other camp activities (and shenanigans) beginning Wednesday evening and ending Sunday morning.  It does not include food or entrance into the park, which is $8/vehicle/day.  (If you are camping at Bothe, your vehicle fee is already paid for.) This is by far the best way to participate.  Not only will you make a stronger connection with your fellow campers, but your ukulele-playing skills will increase immeasurably with this much immersion. Plus, it’s daily fun X 4!

Individual Registration – $195/participant

 Family Registration – $279/family

A “family” includes one full participant and one companion who does not plan to attend ‘ukulele workshops but is welcome to join in any of the other ukulele activities. Children who are not taking workshops are also included, though we’d prefer they were accompanied by a non-participating adult. Children aged 12 – 16 who plan on taking ‘ukulele workshops should register as “Youth.”

Youth Registration – $98/child aged 12 – 16

Must be accompanied by full-paying adult.

WEEKEND CAMP (Friday – Sunday, August 5 – 7)

OK. We get it. Some of you can’t get any more time off for work.  So, we’re trying to make sure you can play, too.  Week-end Camp includes workshops offered on Friday afternoon, all-day Saturday, and Sunday morning, in addition to all Friday and Saturday evening activities.

Individual Registration – $129/participant.

Family Registration – $185/family

Youth Registration – $64/child aged 12 – 16

DAY CAMP (Thursday, Friday, OR Saturday)

Maybe a day is all you can handle.  Well, we wouldn’t want to leave you out! Day Camp includes 4 (or more) workshops a day, soley for the day registered,  in addition to all other ukulele activities being offered that day. Don’t forget, there will be an additional $8/vehicle fee to enter the park each day (payable at the front kiosk) for people who are NOT staying at Bothe.

Individual Registration – $85/day

Youth Registration – $43/day


If you do not yet have a campsite or other place to stay, you can reserve one of the tent sites we have held aside just for this purpose.  For the time being we are  making these extra camp sites available to folks who plan on staying for the entire camp, August 3 – 7.  If, by April 4, we still have tent sites available, we will release them for folks who are only able to attend Friday evening through Sunday morning or to folks who are bringing an RV and need more space. Please note, these are shared tent sites, and can hold up to 8 people. We are, however, restricting the number of tents to 3 per site, with 2 people maximum allowed per tent. Our goal is make Camp O available to as many happy campers as possible.

The fee for each tent site is $79 (2-people maximum per tent) and includes a vehicle pass for one car/tent for the duration of the camp. In order to reserve one of these tent sites, you must also register for Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay.

Ready to reserve a tent site and/or register?   Here ya go:

On-line Registration for Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay


By registering as soon as possible, you will help assure that Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay is a resounding success. The more people we know are coming, the more instructors we can add to the staff (and we’ve got a list of highly qualified people just waiting to get the word.) And the sooner we know the better we can plan and the more goodies we can add. At the same time we ask that you please bear with us.  This is the first year we have done this at this location and we’re trying our best to make things work for everyone (including the State Park) and I am sure there will be plenty of “unanticipated” situations.  So, we hope you are not only flexible, but willing to go with the flow as we launch this new adventure and help shape what we hope will become a wonderful family tradition.

Wait a minute!  What am I saying?  You play the ‘ukulele!  Of course you will go with the flow and keep a sense of humor at the same time! What was I thinking?

“…..And we’ll have fun, fun, fun ’til your daddy takes your ukulele awaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!”