Days One & Two

In case you are wondering how you might be spending your time with us during La Semana de Uke-Culinary Fiesta in January…..Here ya’ go:

Day one: Saturday, January 24

Folks will be arriving at various times throughout the day, but we’ll plan on gathering for a little welcome party at Casa del Sol, then catch a little shut-eye before the action really begins bright and early Sunday morning.

Sunday, January 25

fruit_bowlBreakfast at la Casa del Sol, followed by La Palabra del Dia with Sheila, our lovely hostess and inspiration for our journey South of the Border. Then we’re off!  Photographer can take off with Jordan to explore the town of Ajijic with their cameras, while the rest of us stay behind for some ukulele workshops: Easy Pickin’s with Heidi or Spice it Up with Daniel.  (There will be ample time to “explore” the town, later.)  And then the cooking begins!  Daniel will take the first group of erstwhile chefs to the kitchen to learn and prep the midday meal, while the rest of us settle in for a few more ukulele workshops: Keep Your Motor Running with Elaine, followed by the Song Writer’s Toolbox with Heidi, as our midday meal is being prepared. And then it’s time for lunch!

img_6723Among the myriad of local customs we will be embracing while South of the Border, is the mid-day siesta, a time to pause and reflect, to practice what you learned, to jam or socialize with friends,  or (now here’s a thought) rest.  And rest you should, because the afternoon’s activities launch off with a stirring workshop (and fabulous song) taught by Heidi and Daniel together, “Turn the World Around,”  followed by our first Band Practice.

el-jardin-de-ninetteThen we’ll partake in a another lovely local custom, the Sunday afternoon stroll along the malecón, where the setting sun on the lovely lake should provide ample photo opportunities and inspiration for an impromptu song or two. (Don’t forget your ukes!) Dinner will be on your own, though, there is no shortage of fabulous places to eat in Ajijic. Those who are not feeling that adventurous might like to grab a bite at El Jardin de Ninette, right at our B&B, Casa del Sol (you can see what the reviewers have to say on Trip Advisor!)  The best part about that plan is the very short walk back to your room!

In case you need a refresher: Here’s a description of the day’s ‘ukulele workshops.

EASY PICKIN’S: A simple path to Travis picking with great stops in between

rancho_grandeHere’s an opportunity to learn how to enrich your playing form and style without compromising fluidity.  Sticking with our South of the Border theme, you’ll be learning some very simple picking patterns that you can use with a couple of traditional tunes such as “Alle en el Rancho Grande” and “De Colores,” that have a  rhythmic power on their own and will lead you painlessly toward the iconic sound of Travis picking. (Heidi Swedberg – Level 2-3)

SPICE IT UP: Learning to play chord melodies

If you’re ready to apply a lot more focus to what is going on with each of your hands and produce a recognizable song without the lyrics then you are ready to take a stab at chord melodies.  Specifically, in this workshop you will be learning a different, and more challenging way to play some of the tunes we’ll be working on as a group: “Alle en el Rancho Grande” and “De Colores.”  But, more importantly, you’ll come away with the skills needed to start creating chord melodies for your favorite tunes, as well. (Daniel Ward – Level 3-4)

KEEP YOUR MOTOR RUNNING: Revving up your ukulele engine

Two-chord songs are the backbone of any beginners’ repertoire. Not only are they a great tool to practice common (and frequently necessary) chord changes, they can help form the basis of learning to play by ear.  They’re easy to memorize (and should be memorized) so you can escape your reliance on the dreaded “paper” and begin to feel the song. They also offer a pathway to learning how to modulate….that is, changing a song from one key to another. (Elaine de Man – Level 1-2)

SONGWRITER’S TOOLBOX: Turning inspiration into alchemy

Sometimes you’ll hear a songwriter say, “That song just wrote itself.”  What they’re not telling you is that there already existed a structural framework that held it all together.  In this workshop you will learn what that framework is and will come away with the tools necessary to turn your idea, or any idea, into a song. (Heidi Swedberg – All Levels)

314-16TURN THE WORLD AROUND: Fun in 5/4

For our first play-along together, Heidi and Daniel will be teaching us the delightful little intricacies of  “Turn the World Around,” a lovely little tune from Africa, made famous by Harry Belafonte (and the Sukey Jump Band.) At first glance, it would appear to be a simple, 3-chord song.  But it has an interesting twist!  It is played in 5/4 time!  “What is that?” you might well wonder.  Well, all will be revealed while we all have loads of fun learning to play and sing this lively little tune (and more).  It’s a great one for jam sessions, sing-alongs, and all manner of musical merriment. This is a great workshop for non-players, as well. (Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward – All Levels)


Playing music with others, stepping out of your comfort zone, and performing for others is absolutely the best way to advance your musical skills and raise the bar on fun. (Just ask anyone who has attended either the West Coast or Hawai’i Island ‘Ukulele Retreats!) Here’s how it works. Each retreat participant will be assigned to a “band” under the leadership of one of our esteemed instructors.  Among other things, you will learn a little song arranging, a smidgen of band dynamics, some new performance skills, and how to play well with others. At the end of the retreat you will have a chance to strut your stuff during our last night’s Student Cabaret.  It’s the most fun you’ll ever have with your ‘ukulele on. Costumes, props, and dance routines are encouraged.  (Entire Staff – All Levels)