Stormy Monday

Just look at what Daniel Ward is going to be teaching us to play at La Semana de Uke-Culinary Fiesta in January…..on the ukulele!  I can’t wait!

Here’s the workshop description:

STORMY MONDAY (and Tuesday’s Just as Bad)

Learning to play, sing, and feel the blues provides such a solid foundation for any musician’s repertoire, that every serious ukulele player should have at least one blues workshop in their ‘ukulele education. In this particular workshop, Daniel Ward uses the blues classic “Stormy Monday” to help his students transition from familiar chord shapes to more advanced ones (in time with the music!) and to teach them pentatonic and blues scales in major and minor keys for soloing.  And with Daniel, you can always count on some good right hand attention too, exploring the strengths of finger-style playing, strumming, and using a pick.  If there’s demand, Daniel can be expand this to a second workshop with even more advanced skills.  That would make “Tuesday just as bad,” of course!  (Daniel Ward – Level 3-4)

This is one of the more advanced ukulele workshops we’ll be offering during our semana in Mexico, but we’ll have plenty of learning opportunities for beginning and intermediate players, as well.  You can see a complete list of all the ukulele workshops we’ll be offering on our website.  And don’t forget, you’ll also be able to take cooking workshops, photography workshops, go hiking or exploring, or do nothing at all!

Registration for this funtastic week is still open, but you better hurry!  Click here to register now.

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