Top Ten Reasons to Grab your Uke and Join us in Ajijic, Mexico this January

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Still on the fence about joining us in Ajijic in January for La Semana de Uke-Culinary Fiesta?  Perhaps this will help.

Ajijic is:

10. an authentic 21st century Mexican village high in the Sierra Madre, far from the maddening crowds found at the more famous beach resorts with vendors hawking their wares at every opportunity.

9. a town where music rings on every block and where every house, no matter how poor, has flowers at the door.

8. a place where foreigners feel safe and welcome. . . .and rightfully so.

7. a town where artists and writers (and budding ukulele players), fishermen, farmers, and service workers all live and work side-by-side.

6. in an area that has the largest concentration of English-speaking ex-patriots in the world and where most of the locals speak English, as well.

5. situated alongside the largest lake in Mexico and has a beach-side malecon for strolling and socializing, or simply sitting and watching the pelicans and sea gulls flying around the water.

4. a gourmand’s delight with restaurants offering French, Thai, Italian, German, and fusion food, in addition to tacos and tamales. (And you’ll also be feasting on the products of our very own cooking workshops.)

3. a place where photo opportunities abound: from the sunlight playing on the surrounding Sierra Madre, to pelicans dive-bombing Lake Chapala; from the beautiful people with their friendly smiles, to the houses painted every color in the rainbow; from the amazing array of locally grown produce in the markets, to the abundance of artisans selling handicrafts in the small shops.

2. a 450-year-old town with cobblestone streets — ​but ​where internet and cell phone service are both strong and available everywhere.

And the Number One reason you should join us in Ajijic in January:

It’s where Heidi, Daniel, Elaine, and Jordan will be, January 24 – 31, 2015, anxiously waiting for YOU to join them for La Semana de Uke-Culinary Fiesta, a full week of ukulele and culinary merriment South of the Border, down Mexico Way!

Hope you can make it!


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